• Asia’s Post-pandemic Health Care Episode 4 : Perspectives from Thailand
  • Episode 2: Perspectives from Taiwan
  • Episode 1: Perspectives from Singapore
  • 疫境中的光芒 - 第八節 「身心自在迎新態」
  • 疫境中的光芒 - 第七節 「民眾抗議意識和行為」
  • 疫境中的光芒 - 第六節 「公民抗疫意識和行為」

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  • IHPSR: @Y F Chan,

    Many are in the same predicament like you. A straight forward answer maybe to focus on one or two things daily that you always wanted to do at home or from home and make this the right timing to start pursuing them. In addition, create more variety in what and how you do other things during this time. Here is an article that may be useful reference to make the social distancing practices more enjoyable and relaxing:


  • Y F Chan: I live in a small flat with a flatmate who is seldom there. With the social distancing restrictions in place, I have been working from home and staying home most of the time except going outside for groceries, buying daily necessities or getting a bite in a restaurant nearby. I take some early morning walks whenever I can but have been avoid seeing or going out with friends. Instead I video chat with them sometimes but miss the direct interactions with them. In addition, I watch TV and online movies frequently. Without a clear end of the social restrictions in sight, I feel trapped, moody and stressed out. Do you have any practical advice for me or someone like me to stay positive and happy during this pandemic?
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