Dr Frank B. Cerra M.D
Seninor Vice President for Health Sciences
The University of Minnesota, United State

"Health Care Reform in the United State"
Presented at the Annual Dinner of
The Instute for Health Policy and Systems Research

Professor S.H. Lee
Honorary Adviser for External Affairs, Institute of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Mr. Stephen Leung
"World's Trend in Health Care"

Dr. Geoffrey S.Y. Lieu
Chairman, Hong Kong Healthcare Corporation Limited, Hong Kong
Chairman, ISP Asia

"Implementing Health Targets in Hong Kong: Issues and Changes"

Dr. Geoffrey S.Y. Lieu
"Hong Kong's Healthcare Reforms in the Past Two Decades"

Dr. Geoffrey S.Y. Lieu
"WTO and The China Pharmaccutical Services Sector: Opportunities and Challenges"

Dr. Aviva Ron
"Health Targets in Health Sector Development"

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